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Gains From Economic Recovery Still Limited to Top One Percent
It's the economic statistic that spawned the Occupy protest movement ("We are the 99 percent"), reshaped President Obama’s domestic program (“middle-class economics”), and most recently led the eternal Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to bemoan that “the

Bernie Sanders wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastruture
For years, transportation experts have called for a massive investment to save a network of roads, bridges and transit systems that has fallen into disrepair. A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate Tuesday would meet that need, providing $1 trillion over the next five years. Given that elsewhere on C

West Virginia Gas Line Explodes, Marking Fourth Major Pipeline Incident This Month
A gas pipeline in Brooke County, West Virginia exploded into a ball of flames on Monday morning, marking the fourth major mishap at a U.S. pipeline this month. No one was hurt in the explosion, but residents told the local WTRF 7 news station that they could see a massive fireball shooting hun

The Koch network’s 2016 spending goal: $889 million
The Koch brothers' political operation intends to spend $889 million in the run-up to the 2016 elections, according to an attendee at the operation’s annual winter donor gathering in the California dessert. The spending goal, shared with donors at a Monday morning session at the Rancho Mirage

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