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If America really valued mothers, we wouldn’t treat them like this
A few years ago, a Mother's Day video from went viral. In it, the company pretended to recruit for a seemingly impossible job. They told applicants that the job requires you to stand all day and put in 135 hours a week - or more. It means you have to work nights and weekends. There's n

Bernie Sanders is right: The top 0.1 percent have as much as the bottom 90 percent
Sen. Bernie Sanders defined the phrase "democratic socialist" in a speech at Georgetown University Thursday afternoon, in an effort to clarify the unusual moniker he uses to describe his worldview for confused voters. Being a democratic socialist means believing that government must guara

Specialty drugs now cost more than the median household income
The average annual retail cost of specialty drugs used to treat complex diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis now exceeds the median U.S. household income, according to a report to be published Friday. The study of 115 specialty drugs found that a year's worth of pres

Found too late: Cancer preys on rural Americans
MARIANNA, Ark. - In the home of the blues, amid dying towns, gravel backroads and endless Mississippi Delta farmland, cancer grows, spreads and kills mercilessly — even the types that can be caught or stopped with well-known screening tests. Here, 73-year-old Ruby Huffman got h

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