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Power to the People: Market Basket Case a Rare Workers’ Win
Labor Day celebrations came early for employees of the New England supermarket chain Market Basket, whose operations had been brought to a near standstill when workers, managers and even customers protested a shake-up in its boardroom. Employees rallied on picket lines outside of the chain's 71 sto

The Disease of American Democracy
Americans are sick of politics. Only 13 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, a near record low. The president's approval ratings are also in the basement. A large portion of the public doesn't even bother voting. Only 57.5 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots in the 2012 president

Solomons town first in Pacific to relocate due to climate change
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Under threat from rising sea levels and tsunamis, the authorities of a provincial capital in the Solomon Islands have decided to relocate from a small island in the first such case in the Pacific islands. Choiseul, a township of around 1,000 people on Taro Isla

Tax Burden in U.S. Not as Heavy as It Looks, Report Says
For years, chief executives have complained bitterly about the United States corporate tax code, arguing that it is too complicated and that rates are too high. The issue has reached a near boiling point this summer as many large American companies have sought to buy smaller foreign rivals so they c

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