News April 9

Senator Sanders

Energy Summit Leaders in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields are gathering for a summit aimed at promoting green energy in Vermont. Monday's event is hosted by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Peter Shumlin and the Vermont Department of Public Service, The Associated Press, Vermont Public Radio, Rutland Herald, Brattleboro Reformer, WCAX-TV, WPTZ-TV, Fox 44 and ABC 22 reported. LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK, VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEOVIDEO


Buffett Rule President Obama and Senate Democrats will spend this week advocating higher taxes on the wealthy, USA Today reported. A Senate vote is set for next week on the plan named for billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who protests that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. The rule would require millionaires to pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes. LINK

Job Training Funds Dry Up Across the country, work force centers that assist the unemployed are being asked to do more with less as federal funds dwindle for job training and related services, The New York Times reported. LINK

Firms Emerge Stronger Big U.S. companies have emerged from the deepest recession since World War II more productive, more profitable, flush with cash and less burdened by debt. An Wall Street Journal analysis of found that sales, profits and employment last year among members of the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index exceeded the totals of 2007, before the recession and financial crisis. LINK


Electric Cars With the price of gas creeping up, more people may be looking to switch to electric vehicles. Rep. Peter Welch has co-sponsored legislation which would provide states with funding specifically to invest in electric car charging stations, Vermont Press Bureau reported.

Dairy Prices The Vermont Senate Agriculture Committee set a hearing Wednesday on a decline in milk prices projected for the coming months as well as changes to federal farm programs, AP reported. LINK

Global Warming High temperature records shattered day after day during an epic heat wave in March. The message from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, along with many other scientists was unmistakable: Global warming has something to do with this, the Burlington Free Press reported. LINK

Vermont Spring The ice is out on Joe's Pond in West Danville. A cinder block fell into the water and the clock stopped on the annual contest at 5:25 p.m. Sunday. The record for the earliest ice out remains April 5, 2010, WCAX reported. LINK