News May 21

Senator Sanders

Sunscreen Sens. Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy have signed onto a letter to the Food and Drug Administration urging that the agency not delay regulations on the labeling of sunscreen. The FDA said earlier this month that it planned to postpone these regulations for six months, The Associated Press reported. LINK

Rx Research Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research published a column commenting on a Washington Post article covering Sen. Sanders' Prize Fund for HIV/AIDS Act saying "The Washington Post showed that it clearly does not believe in free market fundamentalism." Baker's column was published in the Business Insider. LINK

Rx Research The Prize Fund for HIV/AIDS Act by Sen. Sanders "contains an important provision aimed at encouraging open-source research, which would move the current research model away from secrecy toward sharing," Prof. Joseph Stiglitz wrote in a column for Business Day. LINK

Rx Research "A leading US Senator has called for drug patent ‘monopolies' to be abolished and replaced by an annual prize fund to reward the discovery of new treatments," reported the PharmaTimes online in an article covering Sen. Sanders' recently introduced Prize Fund for HIV/AIDS Act. LINK

Senior Housing Today Sen. Sanders will attend the opening of a new senior housing center in Vergennes. The new development will provide housing for 25 affordable apartments for seniors, Fox44 and WVNY reported. VIDEO, VIDEO

Polluter Welfare Sen. Sanders explained his recently introduced legislation, the End Polluter Welfare Act, in a Huffington Post column saying "At a time when we have a more than $15 trillion national debt, American taxpayers are set to give away over $110 billion dollars to the oil, gas, and coal industries over the next decade." LINK

Polluter Welfare Rep. Keith Ellison told WCCO-MIN that "Bernie Sanders, the senate author, and myself came together," to introduce the End Polluter Welfare Act. VIDEO 

Ex-Im Bank Last week the senate voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank for an additional two years. Sen. Bernie Sanders and 19 Republican senators voted against the bank's reauthorization, CQ Weekly reported. LINK


NATO A total of 45 were arrested Sunday during protests in Chicago outside the NATO summit. As one protester was released from prison late Sunday he turned and said to Police, "See you guys tomorrow," The Chicago Tribune reported. Protests are expected to continue Monday. LINK


Super PACs The unlimited spending allowed by Super PACs is "transforming not just campaigns but the entire business of politics", reported The New York Times. "There are only wealthy donors and the consultants vying to oblige them." LINK

Higher Education A survey conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education found that "the median total compensation of the 199 public college presidents surveyed was $421,395, up 2.9 percent from 2009-10,"  The New York Times reported. LINK


F-35 The South Burlington City Council will meet at 6 p.m. today to continue debate over whether to base the new F-35 fighter at Burlington International Airport, The Burlington Free Press reported. LINK 

Jobs The Public Assets Institute, a Vermont-based policy analysis group says that while the official unemployment rate appears to be improving, the number of jobs in Vermont is shrinking, The Associated Press reported. LINK