News November 11

Senator Sanders 

Protect Working Families "Right-wing extremism suffered a major defeat on Election Day. Despite dozens of billionaires spending unprecedented sums of money trying to defeat President Barack Obama and progressive candidates around the country, Obama won a strong victory while members of the Democratic caucus in the Senate won 25 of 33 seats that were contested. Democrats in the House also gained new members. My sincere hope is that the Republican Party now understands that the American people do not want a government pushing extremist policies," Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote in a column for the Rutland Herald and Times Argus.  LINK

Obama May Barnstorm the Country White House officials told ABC`s Jake Tapper they`re confident a deficit-reduction deal will be struck. Tapper wrote, "One scenario included the president barnstorming the country, telling the public the Democrats will put forward a bill to restore middle class tax cuts." This is same scenario Sen. Sanders laid out here on The Ed Show last night, Ed Schultz reported Friday on MSNBC.


Minimum Wage Vermont's minimum wage is set to go up a bit on Jan. 1, from its current level of $8.46 to $8.60 per hour. The wage is tied to inflation and increases automatically under a state law passed several years ago, AP reported. LINK

Women's Conference IBM executive Janette Bombardier delivered the keynote address at the Women's Economic Opportunity Conference at Vermont Technical College. She was introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy, who started the conference 16 years ago, the Rutland Herald and Times Argusreported. LINK