This is Preposterous

After taking a $182 billion taxpayer bailout, the American International Group now may sue the government. A.I.G.’s board of directors on Wednesday was weighing whether to take part in a shareholder lawsuit against the U.S. seeking $25 billion in damages. Sen. Bernie Sanders called the threatened legal action preposterous. “Millions of American workers lost their jobs because of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior of A.I.G. and other Wall Street companies. Now, after being bailed out by the American taxpayer, A.I.G. has the gumption to consider a lawsuit against the U.S. government because of the bailout. Clearly this is preposterous,” Sanders said.  “It should also be a wake-up call to the administration that many CEO’s on Wall Street are without shame. In my view, instead of arguing about an A.I.G. lawsuit, we should be imposing a speculation tax on the large Wall Street firms which will bring in substantial revenue for the federal government and end reckless speculation.”  

AIG Building