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Bolivia’s Left Could Win an Upcoming Election. U.S. Democrats Don’t Want a Repeat of Last Year’s Crisis.
"The Organization of American States' decision last year to declare Bolivia’s election fraudulent on the basis of questionable evidence helped fuel a crisis of democracy and human rights that Bolivians are experiencing to this day," Sanders told Today’s WorldView. “Bolivia’s ...

How Vermont Became a 'Model for the Country' in Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic
"Vermonters have a history of prioritizing health," Levine said. During the pandemic, residents' compliance with behaviors like frequent hand-washing, mask-wearing and social distancing has been "really paramount," he said.

Vermont Pride Week Perseveres Through Pandemic
Monday kicked off the start of Pride Week in Vermont. The Pride Center Vermont, the organizers of the annual event, says the week is all about feeling heard, feeling seen, and coming together, and they wanted to make sure that the pandemic didn't silence them.

Democrats Sound Alarm on Possible Election Chaos
Democrats are bracing for potential chaos on Election Day, fearing that the combined force of President Trump's warnings of voter fraud and the expected influx of absentee ballots will lead to a bitter and protracted fight over the election’s results.

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