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December 2018
Vt Digger: Failure of loan forgiveness program hurts Vermont workers
November 2018
Burlington Free Press: It's harder to find child care in Vermont. Here's what the numbers show.
Rutland Herald: Agencies work to provide fuel assistance as winter comes early
September 2018
We’re Going To Expand Social Security, Not Cut It
August 2018
St. Albans Messenger: ‘A Slap in the Face’: Less Than $2m Coming to Vermont Farmers
Vt. Digger: AG Opens Investigation Into Online Threats Against Kiah Morris
July 2018
Statement on UVM Medical Center Nursing Crisis
December 2017
Lives at Risk Inside a Senior Complex in Puerto Rico With No Power
The New York Times: People Don’t Take Their Pills. Only One Thing Seems to Help.
June 2017
Anti-voter laws worse than Russian meddling
NPR: Michigan Health Chief Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In Flint Water Crisis
Common Dreams: Now Just Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World's Population
The New Yorker: In the Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Koch Brothers’ Campaign Becomes Overt
The Guardian: Scam alert: Trump's $1 trillion 'infrastructure plan' is a giveaway to the rich
The New York Times: Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision
May 2017
The Wall Street Journal: High-Price Drugs Raise Costs for Seniors in Medicare Part D
The New York Times: Locked Up for Being Poor
NPR: Fresh Food By Prescription: This Health Care Firm Is Trimming Costs — And Waistlines
The Wall Street Journal: Revolt Against Sky-High Drug Prices Prompts a Pioneer to Cash Out
In These Times: Hey Corporate Media, Quit Talking S#&* About the U.S. Postal Service
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