11 moments from Bernie Sanders's Reddit Q&A that show why he's a progressive hero

By:  Matthew Yglesias

The media isn't taking Bernie Sanders seriously as a presidential candidate because he doesn't seem to have a realistic path to winning the nomination. But he does have a large and highly engaged fan presence on the internet, and his Tuesday Q&A session on Reddit was full of moments that illustrate why his fans love him so much. He is an utterly self-confident, utterly fearless exponent of liberal and social democratic ideals in a country where such notions are rarely shouted from the rooftops.

He's a politician who doesn't care about hitting his next quarterly fundraising numbers or what he can round up 60 votes for in the Senate. He's just here to speak the truth as he sees it. Here, excerpted from the Q&A, are 11 answers that exemplify why he's such a hero to online progressives.

1) Delivering student debt relief

sambogina: Is there funding in the [free college tuition] bill to alleviate the debt currently possessed by recent and past college graduates?

Bernie Sanders: Great question. Our legislation not only would make tuition free at public colleges and universities, it would also cut student debt in half. It is absurd that millions of college graduates today are carrying debts of $50,000, $60,000, $100,000 or more. Our legislation deals with the issue of student debt in a very significant way.

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