A Brand New Report Shows Just How Wrong Silicon Valley Is About A Tech Worker Shortage

By:  Walter Hickey

A popular meme of the immigration debate has to do with the claim from technology companies that there's a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) worker shortage in the United States.

This is frequently used to bolster the argument that the U.S. should increase the number of temporary visas issued to foreign-born workers in order to fulfill demand in the tech industry for techie talent.

A new report from the esteemed Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce presents a pretty significant rebuttal to that claim.

Released on Wednesday, the annual report looks at how new college graduates are faring in the recession-era economy.

That it's titled "Hard Times" should give you a decent idea on how millennials are doing.

Most interesting is the technology sector numbers. Were there truly a STEM shortage — were demand for STEM majors to exceed supply — one would expect that unemployment statistics for recent STEM graduates would be outstandingly low. 

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