A solar city

The promises and plans emanating from Green Mountain Power would be hard to believe were it not for the company's record of keeping or exceeding its promises.

At a press conference on Wednesday company officials unveiled a long list of energy projects that could make Rutland a national laboratory for innovation, as well as an exemplar in community betterment. It is an ambitious and far-sighted vision that has been embraced by Mayor Christopher Louras and other city officials. Sen. Bernard Sanders was on hand to lend his support. 

GMP made big promises when it absorbed Central Vermont Public Service, the Rutland-based utility that was the largest in the state. One was to make Rutland the “solar capital” of New England. That meant it wanted to install the greatest solar capacity per capita of any city in the region — which amounted to 6.25 megawatts by 2017. 

The utility is moving so quickly that it will reach that goal by next year, and so it has announced a much more ambitious goal — 10 megawatts by 2015.

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