EPA staff experiencing stress and fears Trump will suppress climate science

By:  Oliver Milman

Fears that Donald Trump’s presidency will suppress climate science at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are causing widespread unease, with a spokesman for the administration admitting staff are experiencing “tension and stress” over the transition.

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s team has placed a “temporary hold” on the release of work by EPA scientists, pending review by political appointees. The report sparked outrage among climate activists and some scientists who claimed climate science was in danger of being distorted by the new administration.

The administration was also reportedly poised to remove all mentions of climate change from the EPA website, only to back away from the idea. The White House website has already had all of its climate sections excised.

Doug Ericksen, communications director for Trump’s EPA transition team, told the Guardian no decisions had yet been made and a “misunderstanding” had occurred with the media.

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