From Putney to Barton, 11 Summer Town Meetings

Senator Bernie Sanders – who has held more Vermont town meetings than anyone else in modern history – hosted a half-dozen town meetings throughout the southern part of the state and is slated to hold another series in northern Vermont in the coming weeks. 

“I think it’s enormously important that people have the opportunity to ask questions of their U.S. senators and make comments. It’s also important that I be able to convey to them what’s going on in Washington and the work I’m doing," Bernie said. "There’s a lot of issues out there that are on many people’s minds that need to be discussed."putney

Bernie’s next round of town meetings will include gatherings in Island Pond and Newport on Saturday, Aug. 28. Senator Sanders will host forums in Barton, Craftsbury and Morrisville on Sunday, Aug. 29.  Bernie will also attend the annual Moose Festival in Canaan, Vt.  Sanders recently hosted town meetings in Bennington, West Dover, Putney, Westminster, Springfield, and Woodstock

The stimulus program is credited with pumping at least $1.3 billion into Vermont and creating or saving 7,000 jobs in the state. That has helped, but the recession that began in December 2007 continues to sap household budgets and prevent businesses from hiring in large numbers. The focus of the upcoming town meetings will be on how we reverse the decline of the middle class and create decent-paying jobs, provide health care for all, and transform our energy system.

If you would like to join Senator Sanders for an upcoming town meeting, click here.

During his swing through seven Vermont towns earlier this month, which included a stop a Health Care Is Human Right forum in Bellows Falls, Bernie spoke to roughly 1,000 Vermonters and answered scores of questions.  As part of each town meeting, local business leaders, elected officials, community advocates and teachers participated in a panel.

Among the issues addressed in the first round of town meetings were how to rejuvenate the national economy by investing in 21st century manufacturing, the need for a progressive estate tax, Wall Street reform, the health care overhaul, and the need to address the national debt in a responsible way.

Each town meeting was slightly different. Read more about the half-dozen towns Bernie visited. 

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