Gigabit Internet and phone service for $48 a month? It really exists

With $116M in federal funds, Vermont telco offers gigabit fiber and LTE.

By:  Jon Brodkin

Ars Technica

Yesterday, we brought you the troubling tale of AT&T offering 768Kbps Internet for $20 a month (but the fee was actually more than $20 once you read the fine print).

Today, let's shine a light on the flip side—a deal so good you're going to be jealous of the few people who actually get to buy it. In a small part of Vermont, thanks to an ambitious local telco and $116 million in federal funds, residents can buy gigabit Internet and phone service for prices starting at $48 a month.

Gigabit Internet is ever so slowly inching its way through the US, but typically it costs a bit more than what these Vermont residents are paying. If you're one of the very lucky people who live in a city withGoogle Fiber, you're paying $70 a month for gigabit Internet or $120 per month for gigabit Internet and TV service. It's a fair price based on the market— has gigabit Internet for $70 in parts of California, and the new gigabit Seattle costs $80 per month.

The best deal we've heard of can be found in Hong Kong, where gigabit-speed fiber to the home was being offered for just $26 a month, according to a New York Times report in 2011. But in the US, we haven't seen anyone beat Vermont Telephone (VTel).

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