Media Advisory: Senate Sets Oversight Hearing on Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Sanders to Focus on Vermont Yankee

The Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate Change and Nuclear Energy will hold an oversight hearing on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, October 3.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a member of the subcommittee, said the hearing's focus on the reactor oversight process will present an opportunity to discuss recent accidents at the Vermont Yankee power plant at Vernon.

Sanders is the sponsor of legislation to that would require the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct an independent safety assessment when utilities apply to extend licenses for aging plants. The special study could be undertaken at the request of the governor of a state where a plant is located, or by the governor of a neighboring state affected by a plant's operation. State utility regulators also could seek an independent review. Safety reviews also could be requested when utilities seek to generate more power than a reactor was originally designed to produce.

Who: Witnesses include Chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dale E. Klein; Commissioners Gregory B. Jaczko and Peter B. Lyons, Mark E. Gaffigan of the Government Accountability Office; David Lochbaum, director of the nuclear safety project for the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Marvin Fertel, senior vice president of the Nuclear Energy Institute

What: Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate Change and Nuclear Energy oversight hearings on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

When: 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, October 3

Where: Environment and Public Works Committee Hearing Room, Room 406, Dirksen Senate Office Building and online at the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee