One-Fourth of All Super PAC Donations Last Month Came From Just Five People

By:  Dashiell Bennett

We know how the super PACs have come to dominate the presidential campaign, but a further digging into financial disclosure numbers shows how just a tiny handful of billionaires are dominating those super PACs. An analysis of January's campaign disclosure filings reveals that 25 percent of all the money raised for the presidential race that month came from just five donors. That select group gave $19 million to various super PAC, often in support of more than one Republican candidate. Those numbers come from both the The Washington Post and USA Today, though neither gives a complete list of those five top donors of 2012. 

However, a look at the biggest overall donors reveals who have been the biggest supporters of this whole campaign have been and the outsized level of support they've provided - and some indication of how they hope the race will play out. The limit on individual contributions that can go directly to a candidate is $2,500, but when giving to a super PAC the sky is the limit. And a handful of wealthy individuals have already crossed the $1 million threshold in giving.

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