Poll: Americans Favor Balance In Debt Deal

By:  Kyle Leighton

A new Reuters/IPSOS conducted overnight on Monday seems to bolster the case that President Obama has been making all along: 56% of Americans favor a balanced debt deal that includes both spending cuts and new revenues.

The new numbers come as the only remaining deals on the table in Congress at the moment include no new revenue, due to Republican insistence that none be included in the final deal. The 56% number was coupled with a finding that 83% of those polled were concerned about the debt ceiling situation, and a majority of the full sample, 54%, saying they were "very concerned."

These numbers came as more results from last week's Washington Post/ABC poll were released, showing that the only individual components of a debt deal that were able to garner a majority of support from the respondents were revenue increases, with 59% staying yes to raising taxes on oil companies, 72% for people with incomes over $250,000, 64% for hedge fund managers, 61% for raising Medicare premiums on "wealthier retirees," and 66% favoring an increase in the amount of Social Security taxes paid by people with over $107,000 in income per year.

The Reuters/IPSOS poll had a sample size of 600 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percent. The Washington Post/ABC poll used interviews with 1,001 adults conducted from July 14th to 17th, with a margin of error within 3.5 percent.