To The EpiPen CEO: My Daughters Will Be Nothing Like You

By:  Andrew B. Palumbo

Dear Heather,

You got greedy. Really greedy.

Mylan’s $600 EpiPen and its newly proposed $300 generic auto-injector both price a life-saving medication out of reach for many hardworking American families. The EpiPen costs only a few dollars to make, yet you have increased its price by $500 in less than a decade. You claimed on Monday that you will soon offer a generic at “half” of the price.

Allergy families know the truth. You are going to sell us a generic version of the EpiPen ? the same product that was on the market in 2007 for $100 ? at a 300% markup.

Did you think that we would thank you for this? Or did you simply think we’d be confused and wouldn’t notice?

The fact that you are cutting the price in half and it’s still three times more expensive than it was less than a decade ago underscores just how unrelenting your greed has been during this time.

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