Trump's Dirty Climate Plan Out-of-Step as Most Americans Want Renewables

Though the president once called renewable energy "an expensive way of making the tree-huggers feel good about themselves," even his own party is split

By:  Lauren McCauley
Common Dream

President Donald Trump's so-called "America First Energy Plan" may be dedicated to tapping domestic fossil fuel reserves—like fracked gas, oil, and even coal—but it turns out that the majority of Americans would rather see a move towards renewable sources, such as wind and solar.

A Pew Research survey published Monday found that 65 percent of Americans "give priority to developing alternative energy sources, compared with 27 percent who would emphasize expanded production of fossil fuel sources."

While a full 81 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents favor renewable power over the polluting alternatives, even Trump's own party is split. "Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are closely divided," Pew notes, with 45 percent of conservatives saying that priority should be given to developing alternative sources, versus 44 who prefer to expand production of oil, coal, and natural gas.

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