Vermont House passes what could be strongest abortion protections in nation

By:  Xander Landen
Vt. Digger
The Vermont House passed legislation that would enshrine a woman’s right to an abortion without restriction, and which, if enacted as is, may provide the strongest reproductive rights protections in the country.
The legislation, which passed in a second vote of 106-36, and now heads to the Senate, has been a priority in the Democratically controlled House this session.
With the threat of a conservative U.S. Supreme Court overturning the landmark abortion decision, Roe v. Wade, Democrats in the Legislature’s lower chamber have led an effort to swiftly codify the state’s existing abortion practices into law — setting off an emotional public debate in the state.
“With the current makeup of the Supreme Court, our right to this choice, to this freedom, is at risk,” said House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski, D-Burlington, championing the passage of the measure. “This legislation secures Vermonters’ rights.”