Why we can’t ignore the House Republicans’ really bad budget

By:  Jared Bernstein

Take a break from the nonsensical Supreme Court debate we are having down here in D.C. and check out some of the disturbing things going on in the House Republicans’ new budget proposal.

What’s that? You’d rather binge-watch just about anything Netflix has to offer?

I feel ya, as the kids say, especially as there’s a good chance that none of the major cuts Republicans call for in their budget will be passed by Congress this year, let alone signed by President Obama.

And yet, this is an important piece of work, especially in an election year. The proposals described below represent the consensus blueprint for the budget policies of today’s Republican Party. Should the presidency change parties next year, these ideas could represent the point of departure for a dramatic transformation of the role of government, particularly as it relates to the least advantaged, in ways that would intensify hardship for tens of millions of Americans.

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