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March 2017
Reuters: Vatican Urges Trump To Change Climate Change Position
The Guardian: Trump moves to dismantle Obama's climate legacy with executive order
EPA Chief Touts Plan to Undo Climate Regulations, Pull Back from Paris Deal
USA Today: Trump’s morally repugnant budget must be defeated
USA Today: Soaring costs force cancer patients to skip drugs, treatment
Los Angeles Times: Seven new ways the GOP's Obamacare repeal bill would wreck your healthcare
MM&M: Drugmakers again boost DTC spending, to $5.6 billion in 2016
The Clarion Ledger: Time for Nissan to walk the walk on civil rights
Newsweek: Danny Glover: Nissan Workers in the South Need a Union
The Associated Press: Nissan Faces Safety Fine in Mississippi as Union Rally Looms
February 2017
National Catholic Reporter: Francis: Projects like Dakota Access Pipeline should seek native peoples’ consent
The Nation: Donald Trump Has Begun a Frontal Assault on Financial Reform
The Seattle Times: Pipeline activists: Severing ties with Wells Fargo now more important than ever
Los Angeles Times: This $7,800-a-month cancer drug caused rashes and rarely worked. Now Trump could make FDA approvals even easier
The Washington Post: Will Trump have the guts to stand up to drug companies?
The Progressive: Defending the Earth from Donald Trump
January 2017
In These Times: Robert Reich: Why Putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council Is So Terrifying
The Nation: Donald Trump’s #MuslimBan Is Indisputably Un-American
In These Times: New Congress on Track to Block Long-Sought Workplace and Public Health Protections
The Progressive: What Donald Trump’s Executive Orders Mean for the Immigrant Community
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