News August 1

Senator Sanders

Budget Deal President Barack Obama announced Sunday night that congressional leaders struck a deal to cut the deficit and raise the debt limit. Sen. Bernard Sanders was among those "lining up against the agreement," The Washington Times reported. NPR called Sanders position "a question mark." LINK and LINK and VIEW

‘Huge Win' for GOP Sen. Sanders told the Burlington Free Press that the emerging deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling is a "huge victory" for Republicans. LINK

Reid Rejected A test vote Sunday on an earlier Democratic proposal to raise the debt limit failed to muster the 60 votes needed. Sen. Sanders voted against it, National Journal reported. UPI said Sanders' vote reflected "growing anger on the left with Obama administration compromises." LINK, LINK and LINK

Sanders Votes No Sanders said that the Reid plan did not ask "the rich and large corporations" to contribute a cent to deficit reduction," The Daily Beast reported. "I cannot support legislation ... which balances the budget on the backs of struggling Americans while not requiring one penny of sacrifice from the wealthiest people in our country," Sanders said on Fox 44. LINK and VIEW

Gas Mileage Sen. Sanders hailed an agreement between the Obama administration and U.S. automakers that will increase the average mileage for American cars to 54.5 mpg by the year 2025. Sanders called that a huge step forward for saving consumers money at the pump and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, WCAX-TV reported Monday morning. VIEW


Syrians Strike Restive Cities in Fierce Raids Syrian forces assaulted restive cities before dawn on Sunday, killing at least 70 people in the broadest and fiercest crackdown yet by the government of President Bashar al-Assad on the four-month uprising against his rule, The New York Times reported. LINK


Congress Must Trim Deficit to Avoid Broader Cuts The deal announced on Sunday would make across-the-board cuts in military spending, education, transportation and Medicare payments to health care providers if Congress does not enact further deficit-cutting legislation by the end of the year, The New York Times reported. LINK

Markets Show Relief As President Barack Obama and congressional leaders closed in on a deal to avoid a default by the U.S., Asian stock markets and the dollar rose sharply amid relief at the end of a weeks-long standoff, The Wall Street Journal reported. LINK



Sustainable Energy Hailed as an important step in keeping up Vermont's name as a leader in energy efficiency initiatives, Green Mountain Energy Vermont opened a store in South Londonderry that can charge a car in one to four hours. Gov. Peter Shumlin cut an electrical cord, instead of a ribbon, at a ceremonial opening, AP reported. LINK