September 24

Sanders Slams GOP Health Bill in California Sen. Bernie Sanders pilloried Republican efforts to overhaul the health care system and touted his own Medicare for all plan Friday before an effusive California audience that welcomed him on stage with chants of "Run, Bernie, Run!" Sanders' speech to the influential California nurses' union in San Francisco came shortly after Republican Sen. John McCain announced he would vote "no,” The Associated Press and WFFF-TV reported.

Sanders Thanks McCain Sanders, in a campaign-style event before thousands in San Francisco, praised Sen. John McCain on Friday for opposing what Sanders called the Republican Party’s “horrific” Graham-Cassidy health care bill, but he urged his backers not to let down their guard against the GOP’s persistent efforts to repeal Obamacare, Politico reported.

Free Tuition in San Francisco With all the fervor of a revival meeting, about 700 people at City College of San Francisco today cheered Sanders and the supervisor who helped make tuition at the college free to city residents. The event was a celebration of the new Free City program, which includes both tuition waivers and grants for low-income students who need help paying for books, transportation and other expenses, SFGate reported. 

Sanders: What Progressive Foreign Policy Looks Like Sanders finally delivered his major foreign affairs speech at Westminster College, in Fulton, Missouri, part of the Green Foundation Lecture series. On the basis of his appearance in Fulton, you might say that Sanders is now playing in the Foreign Policy Big Leagues, The Intercept reported.

Sanders: U.S. Complicit in Israeli Occupation Sanders said the United States is “complicit” in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza .In answer to a specific question from reporter Mehdi Hasan, Sanders said he would consider voting to reduce the United States’ annual at least $3 billion in aid to Israel or reduce U.S. arms sales to the Israeli military, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Arutz-Sheva reported.

Outlets Silent on $700B Pentagon Handout Where did all the concern over deficits go? After two years of the media lamenting, worrying and feigning outrage over the cost of Sanders’ two big-budget items—free college and single-payer healthcare—the same outlets are uniformly silent, days after the largest military budget increase in history, Common Dreams reported.

Pope Francis’ Reshaping of the Church Many celebrate Pope Francis’s fresh approach. Last year, both Democratic presidential front-runners — Jewish Sanders and Methodist Hillary Clinton — praised the Pope for promoting humankind’s moral responsibility for the dispossessed. But Catholic conservatives like Stephen K. Bannon have accused the pope of using religion to push partisan agendas, The Washington Post reported.

DeVos Scraps Title IX Guidelines Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday rescinded controversial Obama-era guidelines that had prodded colleges and universities to more aggressively — critics said too aggressively — investigate campus sexual assaults. Sanders said Congress must undo this terrible decision, WFFF-TV reported.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Rise At 68, Jeremy Corbyn is in many ways a British version of Sanders, except further left, to the point of superannuation, many once believed. In June, though, he exceeded expectations with a clever general election campaign that revealed him to be a personable, if not downright charming, candidate, The New York Times reported.

Editorial: The Panic Over Graham-Cassidy “Mr. Schumer is never going to let Ms. Murray make concessions beyond an insurer bailout because he figures he can blame Republicans for higher premiums going into the 2018 election. He also won’t buck Bernie Sanders or his more than 15 other Members who recently endorsed single-payer health care. Democrats are moving left on health care, not to the center. ‘Process’ is beside the point,” wrote The Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Column: Sanders Sketches New Foreign Policy “Sanders was careful to position himself as charting a path between the extremes of nationalism and isolationism, but he stroked almost every left-wing foreign policy erogenous zone in his speech. Inverting conservatives who equate capitalism with freedom, he essentially made socialism synonymous with democracy and its absence with authoritarianism,” Jacob Heilbrunn wrote for The Washington Post.

Column: Sanders Has a Plan “Sanders has a healthcare plan. It's a form of single payer healthcare. It's a confusing term. It means a single collector of funds, the government, which then becomes the single payer for services and materials involved in healthcare. Bernie calls his version ‘Medicare For All.’ That's a good choice for both practical and public relations reasons,” Larry Beinhart wrote for Al Jazeera.

Column: The Real Reason Health Care Is a Mess “The Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare for All’ proposal shares this blindered focus on the talisman of insurance. It reminds me of Moscow’s GUM department store in the days of the Soviet Union. Everyone had equal access to the mostly empty shelves of shoddy merchandise,” David von Drehle wrote for The Washington Post.

Column: Health Care Cul-de-Sac “And if the Democrats, having blown up the insurance system once to implement Obamacare, really rallied around a Bernie Sanders-style proposal to do it all over again but on a bigger scale? Then not only would 2020 be a health care election, but if the Democrat won, the next two years would be consumed by outlandish single-payer expectations,” Ross Douthat wrote for The New York Times.

Column: Sanders, Clinton Should Get Out of the Way “Sen. Bernie Sanders’ swing through California and Hillary Clinton’s book tour underscore the Democrats’ problem in the aftermath of the 2016 election. The problem: The party’s two main factions are clinging to the leaders of yesterday rather than looking forward. Berners have to come to grips with the fact that for all the energy the Vermont senator brought to the election, his voters did not turn out when it counted,” Willie Brown wrote for San Francisco Chronicle.