September 26

CNN Health Care Debate At a town hall debate live on CNN Monday night, Sanders blasted the Republican approach to repealing Obamacare, which must pass by an end-of-the-month deadline or go down to defeat as a "disaster," and pushed for short-term fixes to Obamacare and his own long-term plan for a universal health care system, The Washington Post, CNN, The Atlantic, Bustle, Politico, Heavy, The Hill, The Associated Press, Pioneer Press, CBS Minnesota, Faribault Daily News, MPR News, The Post and Courier, CNN and WVNY-TV reported.

Two-Thirds Majority Support ‘Medicare for All’ Support for developing a single-payer health care system has been building among Democrats after the unveiling of a proposal from Sanders last week. A POLITICO-Harvard poll found voters split on that idea, with 45 percent supporting it and 47 percent opposing. However, when single-payer is billed as “Medicare for all Americans,” support for such a plan grows to 66 percent, Politico reported. 

Cassidy On Health Care Plan Sen. Bill Cassidy contended that naysayers like Rand Paul Paul should recognize that the new measure would save the country from the single-payer system that Sanders and some Democrats are pushing for, The Washington Post reported. 

Target Promises $15 Minimum Wage Target will pay its employees at least $11 an hour and plans to move toward a $15 minimum wage, putting the major retailer on track to realize a prominent liberal ambition. A $15 minimum wage has become a rallying cry for organized labor and liberal advocacy organizations, taken up by Democratic politicians and championed by presidential candidate Sanders, The Independent reported.

Russian Operatives’ Use of Facebook Ads Clinton Watts, the Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow, said he has not seen the Facebook ads promised to Congress, but he and his team saw similar tactics playing out on Twitter and other platforms during the campaign. Watts said such efforts were most likely to have been effective in Midwestern swing states such as Wisconsin and Michigan, where Democratic primary rival Sanders Sanders had beaten Clinton, The Washington Post reported.

Tony Blair Dismisses Left Wing Policies Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks Americans are way too worried about Donald Trump—and not enough about Bernie Sanders. In a conversation with Politico, Blair said that he’s sure “the same feelings that gave rise to Brexit gave rise to the election of Donald Trump”—but that the left-wing populism peddled by Sanders and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain are not the answer, either, Politico, Newsweek and Common Dreams reported. 

Anti-Trump Economy Booming Democrats seem destined to re-litigate the 2016 election until the end of time. A former Clinton aide founded Verrit, a website that aims to give liberals the tools to win social-media debates, and kicked off with, among other postings, one blaming Sanders for putting Trump in the White House. Members of the Sanders diaspora, meanwhile, have started the Our Revolution organization to try to keep dragging the party to the left, The Washington Post reported. 

Column: Democrats Need More Democracy “Even if you believe (as I do) that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 nomination fair and square — because more than 3.7 million more people voted for her than for Sen. Bernie Sanders, and not because the process was ‘rigged’ by ‘DNC favoritism’ — you have to acknowledge that the complexity of the process fuels criticism that it was constructed by insiders, to advantage insiders,” Ronald Klain wrote for Kansas City Star.