September 30

Sanders Denounces Republican Budget Sen. Bernie Sanders  — the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee — criticized Republicans for releasing a plan that he said contradicted the president’s promises. “This budget is the Robin Hood principle in reverse,” Sanders said in a statement. “At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, the Republican budget takes from the middle class and those in need, and gives huge tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this country,” VOX reported. Sanders denounced the blueprint as “one of the most destructive budgets in modern American history,” The New York TimesWPTZ-TVThe Hill reported.

Sanders Gets Emotional Talking About Jewish Relative While speaking on the PBS series, Finding Your Roots, Sanders showed his more vulnerable side as he talked about a relative who died defying the Nazis in World War II. In the clip, the Jewish senator is visibly moved as he discusses the relative with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Newsweek,  Jewish News,Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Sanders To Hold College Fairs Sanders is inviting Vermont high school students and their families to join him at two college fairs on Saturday, Oct. 7 at Lyndon State College(link is external) and Saturday, Oct. 14 at Castleton University(link is external). Vermont colleges, universities, and certificate and apprenticeship programs will be on hand to describe the excellent post-secondary educational opportunities that are available right here in our state, Vermont Bizand Rutland Herald reported.

Sanders in Atlanta Sanders will be in town Saturday for a major fundraiser on behalf of Vincent Fort, one of 13 candidates hoping to become the next mayor of Atlanta, 11-ALIVE-TV reported.

Majority Of Dem Voters Support Single-Payer Asked in a new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday whether they support a single-payer system, in which the federal government would expand Medicare to cover the medical expenses of every American citizen, nearly two in three Democratic voters (65%) said it was a "good idea." The left's fight to protect Obamacare, which united a Democratic Party still reeling over its failures in 2016, further elevated the single-payer debate. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his allies have long portrayed it as a moral imperative, CNNreported. 

Senate Dems Call Out FCC Chair A group of Senate Democrats called out Ajit Pai, the Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, over his effort to deregulate the broadcast industry, accusing him of easing the path for a media takeover from the conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group. Twenty-three Democrats — as well as Independent Sanders — led by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) wrote a letter to Pai urging him to hold off on any further changes to media ownership rules until the FCC conducts an analysis of the broadcast market, The Hill reported. 

California is Sanders’ Battleground for Health Care The country and California must move toward guaranteed health care for all, regardless of what happens next week when Senate Republicans vote on their final bill of 2017 to dismantle Obamacare and Medicaid, both Sanders and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said in separate San Francisco rallies on Friday. “Every poll that I have seen indicates that more and more Americans support a Medicare-for-all single-payer program,” Sanders said to a rally organized by the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United Organizing Committee during its annual convention, Salon reported.

Teen Running For Governor in VT  Ethan Sonneborn is a 13-year-old political savant in the making—and a Democratic candidate for Vermont’s governor seat in 2018. Sonneborn almost perfectly channels the ideals and speaking manner of famed Vermonter Sanders, someone he admits is a role model, Newsweek reported.

Four Reasons Dems Aren’t Facing Rebellions in Primaries In 2017, the far edge of Democratic Party politics is represented by  Sanders, who has no interest in helping primary challenges to incumbent Democrats. As he prepared his single-payer health-care bill, he told The Post that his signature legislation would not be “a litmus test” for Democrats — that he would not refuse to help colleagues who opposed it. Sanders, who has no plan to actually join the Democratic Party, is creating a wedge inside of it, on the theory that when the party next takes power, it will be confident to put down a marker on the left, The Washington Post reported.

Iowa Dems Struggle For Power  In less than a decade, Iowa Democrats have withered, from in-charge to almost irrelevant. Animosity also lingers between some Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders backers, after their clash during the 2016 presidential caucus. It reflects unhealed wounds from 2008, when Obama upset Clinton in Iowa en route to the nomination, The Washington Postreported.

DSCC Fundraises Off Single-Payer It just got a little harder for Democratic incumbents to distance themselves from efforts to implement a single-payer healthcare system. On Thursday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent a fundraising email from Sanders, that promoted his single-payer legislation, Washington Examiner reported.

Sunday Shows Sanders will appear on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday, The Associated Press reported. 

Rock Star Calls For Universal Health Care Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler makes no secret of his political views. After winning the MVP prize in the 2016 NBA Celebrity All-Star game, he said, “the U.S. has a lot they can learn from Canada: health care, taking care of people,” only to be cut off mid-speech by TV anchor Sage Steele. “We’re talking about celebrity stuff, not politics,” she said. Butler was talking about politics in a different setting this week when he did an interview with Sanders’s media producer, Armand Aviram, Montreal Gazette reported.

Larry David Returns Larry David says he forgot Paris — and the rest of Curb — while occupying himself in the intervening years by starring in the HBO movie Clear History (which he co-wrote) and Broadway’s Fish in the Dark (which he wrote), returning to stand-up, and turning in an amusing impression of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night LiveEntertainment WeeklyVulture, and NPR

Column: SandersCare Thrives, TrumpCare Dies “After seven years of Republican promises to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the single-payer healthcare system proposed for decades by Sanders is gaining steam, while all GOP plans are buried in the graveyard of bad ideas,” Brent Budowsky wrote for The Hill.