News October 1

Senator Sanders 

Occupy Wall Street "More and more people understand that if we're going to get out of this recession, if we're going to create the millions of jobs we desperately need, you have to look at Wall Street. These are the crooks who plunged us into the horrendous economic situation we're in right now," Sanders told Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC. In a radio interview with Thom Hartmann, Sanders called for breaking up "behemoth" banks and capping credit card interest rates. VIEW and AUDIO

Solar Power The Vermont Air National Guard base in Colchester and South Burlington is going solar. The Guard on Saturday is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony on what it touts as one of the largest photovoltaic projects in Vermont. The project, built with an $8.8 million grant secured by Sen. Bernie Sanders, is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the base by about 236 tons per year, The Associated Press reported. LINK 

Home Heating With the season's first cold snap nearing, the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has come under attack in Washington, D.C. Sen. Sanders said President Obama's initial proposal to cut funding in half was based on "seriously flawed projections that energy prices would fall," the Vermont Press Bureau reported. LINK 

Visit Vermont In the wake of Tropical Storm Irene there's a big push to get tourists visiting Vermont for foliage season. Sen. Sanders toldWCAX-TV that tourism is important to the state's economy. "In the middle of a recession especially, it's terribly important, tourism is a major part of our economy and I don't want anyone to think Vermont is not open to business," he said. LINK and VIEW

Smart Grid A University of Vermont partnership with Sandia National Laboratory has provided opportunities for students to explore smart grid energy technology. Nate Palmer, a UVM senior who spent the summer at the lab in New Mexico, told The Vermont Cynic student newspaper that Sen. Sanders, "thought Vermont was one of the few states where people are in the right mindset for energy efficiency." LINK

Climate Change "If we don't reverse global warming all of the other issues won't matter because we won't have a planet for our grandchildren," Sen. Sanders said at the Global Day of Action on Climate Change last Saturday, The Vermont Cynic reported. LINK

Young Farmers Vermont's congressional delegation announced a $659,784 grant to the Vermont New Farmer Network for training and assistance to beginning farmers to help them run successful and sustainable farms, Vermont Business Magazine posted online. LINK

Improving Education The Improving Student Achievement and Engagement through Expanded Learning Time Act sponsored by Sen. Sanders provides funding to increase school learning time, the Center for American Progress reported. LINK 

Eugene V. Debs "He talked about when people get old, there should be social insurance for them. That is what we call Social Security today ... He believed health care was the right of all people. That battle continues today. It is fair to say that many of the huge advances made during the 1930's under President Roosevelt, the great society under Lyndon Johnson ... were ideas that Eugene Debs brought to the attention of millions of working people," Sen. Sanders told C-SPANVIEW 

Offsets "Offsets for emergency spending are a good idea for lots of reasons" and "Republicans are doing the country a huge favor by keeping the spotlight on our national spending problem," The Caledonian Record editorialized. "The issue has been an easy one for Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. Pete Shumlin to feign outrage over," it added. LINK


Secret U.S. memo sanctioned killing of Aulaqi The Justice Department wrote a secret memorandum authorizing the lethal targeting of Anwar al-Aulaqi, the American-born radical cleric who was killed by a U.S. drone strike Friday, according to administration officials,The Washington Post reported. LINK


Occupy Wall Street More than 1,000 demonstrators speaking out against corporate greed and social inequality have taken their protest to the New York Police Department headquarters.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters camping out in lower Manhattan marched several blocks north Friday to police headquarters, The Associated Press reported. LINK


Irene Stream Rules Expire In the disastrous days after the remnants of Hurricane Irene sent stones and mud surging down swollen waterways, workers in Vermont and New York were given special permission to dig in river and stream beds without written permits. A month after the storm, the emergency rules in both states are expiring, to the relief of environmentalists and scientists who fear river-altering projects like channel-cutting and rock removal could end up making future flooding worse, The Associated Press reported. LINK