October 3

Sanders Urges Action on Gun Control Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday urged Congress to take action in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. The Vermont senator in a statement said his thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims. Sanders also thanked the first responders, who he said "did an outstanding job responding to this tragedy, saving many lives,” Burlington Free PressVTDiggerThe HillWCAX-TVWPTZ-TVVPR and Opposing Views reported.

Vermonter Among Las Vegas Victims Vermont native Sandy Casey, a special education teacher, was among the victims in Sunday's mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas. Casey, 35, grew up in Dorset and lived in Redondo Beach, California. Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy expressed grief over Casey's death. "Jane and I are deeply saddened to hear that Vermonter Sandy Casey was among the victims in Vegas," Sanders said. "Our hearts are with her friends and family,” Burlington Free Press reported. 

Trump’s Treatment of Puerto Rico Sanders said Sunday on CNN that: "we have a right to be suspect" that race is part of Trump's treatment of Puerto Rico. “given the president's history on race, given the fact that he, a few months ago, told us that there were good people on both sides when neo-Nazis were marching in Charlottesville, yes, I think we have a right to be suspect that he is treating the people of Puerto Rico in a different way than he has treated the people of Texas or Florida,” Sanders said, WPTZ and Real Clear Politics reported.

Delegation Opposes GOP Tax Plan All three members of Vermont's Congressional delegation say they'll oppose President Trump's tax plan because it favors the richest Americans. The three members of the Vermont’s Congressional delegation, Leahy, Sanders and Rep. Peter Welch, all pointed to a study conducted by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center that shows that 80 percent of the benefits of the plan will go the wealthiest people in this country, VPR reported.

Genealogy Uncover Sanders’ Family History  The prominent Harvard professor once again lures the famous and celebrated to PBS’ ”Finding Your Roots,” which shares their ancestry and family stories as uncovered by impressive research and science. Larry David, whom Gates said he’d “bugged” for three years to go under the “Roots” microscope, finally agreed and discovered that he’s related to Sanders, whom David memorably impersonated on “Saturday Night Live,” The Associated Press and The Salt Lake Tribune reported. 

Vermont College Fairs Sanders is set to host a series of college fairs in Vermont, for high school students and their parents to learn more about educational opportunities in Vermont and the resources available to help pay for them, WCAX-TV reported.

Column: What ‘Don’t Politicize Tragedy’ Means  “If the shooter belongs to the other side, then suddenly it is finally time to talk about the systemic issues that caused the shooting. It’s a ‘them’ problem. It’s an other-side problem. Suddenly it’s time to politicize. This summer, when the shooter who wounded a Republican congressman at a Virginia baseball practice turned out to be a … Sanders supporter, Donald Trump Jr. promptly retweeted a snide comment about ‘NY elites’ being to blame for the tragedy,” Monica Hesse wrote for The Washington Post. 

Column: Medicare for All Is Cruel “Last week [Sanders] revealed his 96-page plan to walk away from the finally-acknowledged failures of ObamaCare and try yet another ill-considered plan to remake our health care system in the name of ‘compassion.’ Compassion is a wonderful thing, but what he calls ‘Medicare for all’ depends on repealing the laws of economics and denying everything we know about basic human nature,” Dr. Ramin Oskoui wrote for The Hill.

Letter: Medicare for All Not So Great “People who want … Sanders' Medicare for all better think twice. I got my new book, ‘Medicare Advantage Plan for Seniors for 2018. I don't think they'd like Medicare. I will pay $32 a month more. My prescriptions for generic Tier 2 drugs cost $47, I have a co-pay of $150 per day for the first five days in the hospital, $150 for CT and MRI scans and also have co-pays for lab tests,” Erma Gohn wrote to The Morning Call.