October 4

Senate Budget Slashes Medicare, Medicaid Senate Republicans are proposing to slash Medicare spending by $473 billion over a decade, once again diverging from one of President Donald Trump’s key campaign promises, according to Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee. The panel’s minority party staff, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, published the figure in a five-page report, Politico reported.

Randall Woodfin Elected Birmingham Mayor Progressive challenger Randall Woodfin on Tuesday unseated William Bell, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, in a nonpartisan runoff election. Woodfin’s win is a coup for national progressive groups that backed him, including the Working Families Party and Our Revolution, the legacy organization of Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Sanders personally endorsed Woodfin and recorded a robocall for him on Monday, The Huffington PostWBHM and The Intercept reported. 

Sanders Emotional Learning About WWII Relative Sanders recently choked up after he learned that one of his relatives died while fighting the Nazis during World War II. The Jewish former Democratic presidential candidate discovered details about his ancestor during the taping of the new season of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots,” The Algemeiner reported.

Vermont College Fairs Sanders is set to host a series of college fairs in Vermont, for high school students and their parents to learn more about educational opportunities in Vermont and the resources available to help pay for them, WCAX-TV reported. 

2020 Democrats Target Guns  Not long ago, Democratic presidential hopefuls shied away from talking about gun control — or at least made sure to pepper their rhetoric with nods to the Second Amendment. Sanders, who was hammered for sometimes voting with the gun lobby by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, said Americans should do "everything we can" to stop gun violence, NBC News reported.

Native Vermonter Killed in Vegas Sandy Casey, a native of nearby Dorset, Vermont, was among the dozens of people killed in Las Vegas. Sanders and Patrick Leahy both offered public condolences to Casey’s family.  Sanders tweeted: “Jane and I are deeply saddened to hear that Vermonter Sandy Casey was among the victims in Vegas. Our hearts are with her family & friends,” The Washington Post reported.

Sanders: College for All “We live in a highly competitive, global economy, and if our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. The only way to achieve that goal is to make sure that every young person in this country can get the education that he or she desires, regardless of his or her family’s income, and without going into major debt,” Sanders wrote in an op-ed run in The Hofstra Chronicle

Sanders, Larry David Discover They’re Related When Larry David debuted his Bernie Sanders impersonation on Saturday Night Live, the similarities were uncanny. When two appeared on the season 4 premiere of the PBS’ show Finding Your Roots they were given a shocking discovery: they were related, The Associated PressNewsweekTV LineVulture and Deadline Hollywood reported.

Biden: No More Extreme Senators In the process of delivering the rather socialistic message that wealthy people didn’t need a tax break, Joe Biden, former Vice President managed to take a sideways jab at Bernie Sanders. “Doug understands about tax fairness,” Biden told the crowd. “Guys, the wealthy are as patriotic as the poor. I know Bernie doesn’t like me saying that, but they are,”Paste Magazine and The Hill reported. 

Chomsky on Diagnosing the Trump Era “The most remarkable feature of the 2016 election was the Bernie Sanders campaign, which broke the pattern set by over a century of US political history. A substantial body of political science research convincingly establishes that elections are pretty much bought; campaign funding alone is a remarkably good predictor of electability, for Congress as well as for the presidency,” Noam Chomsky said in an interview with The Nation.

GOP Strategist: This Is a New Gilded Age Republican strategist and lobbyist Bruce Mehlman sees “eerie” parallels between the Gilded Age and today. “On issues like race and on immigration, we're now finding the culture war is competing with a class war,” Mehlman said. “You used to hear it from the Pat Buchanans of the world and some of the Democrats like Bernie Sanders, but it's now becoming mainstream in, for sure, the Democratic Party and, increasingly, the Republican Party,” The Washington Post reported.

Column: Congress’s War Powers Must Become Reality “Although a reactionary monarchy, Saudi Arabia has long enjoyed a special relationship with the United States… Now that impunity is starting to wear thin. In his foreign policy speech at Westminster College, … Sanders courageously called out our support for Saudi Arabia’s ‘destructive intervention in Yemen,’ arguing that ‘such policies dramatically undermine America’s ability to advance a human rights agenda across the world,” Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote for The Washington Post.

Column: Get a New Base ”Traditional Republicans should consider reverse-engineering their party. Their beliefs … may find a following among suburbanites, college-educated voters, immigrants, nontraditional families... millennials, small-business people, workers in the New Economy and Democrats and independents resistant to that party’s tilt toward Sanders and Western European-style democratic socialism,” Jennifer Rubin wrote for The Washington Post.

Column: Money from NRA “NRA spending reached $7.7 million for McCain and against his Senate electoral opponents by 2016, placing him second among all members of Congress, behind only Sanders, who despite his progressive credentials has been a consistent supporter of the gun manufacturing industry ($8.3 million),” Michael Hiltzik wrote for Los Angeles Times.

Column: Quiet Battle Between Sanders and Harris “The Atlanta mayoral election is a microcosm of the war within the Democratic Party between progressives and the establishment. The opposing factions are likely to continue pushing against one another in local and congressional campaigns across the country leading up to an anticipated showdown in the 2020 Democratic primaries,” Michael Sainato wrote for Observer.

Column: Obama Too Conservative? “As Democratic Party leaders continue to lurch toward Bernie Sanders’ brand of Marxism, they are clearly making Mr. Obama appear more moderate ...  But it is striking, given that Mr. Sanders won 22 states and nearly 1900 delegates in the 2016 Democratic primary campaign, that even among Democratic voters almost nobody will cop to being “far left” and just 16% call themselves ‘very liberal,’” James Freeman wrote for The Wall Street Journal.

Column: Who Will Be the Bernie of Gun Control? “If Bernie Sanders won’t be the Bernie Sanders of gun control, who will? The person trying the hardest so far is potential presidential candidate Sen. Chris Murphy. Murphy, who was profoundly moved by Sandy Hook and has little to fear from pro-gun voters in deep-blue Connecticut, has been a vociferous critic of the NRA,” Bill Scher wrote for Politico.

Column: Even Kennedy Used Tax Cuts “There is a pattern here, but the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren-Kamala Harris class warriors in Washington won’t acknowledge it because they are so ideologically committed to a zero-sum view of our economy that has some earners benefiting only at the expense of other earners. If only these progressives cared about wealth creation as much as they care about wealth redistribution,” Jason Riley wrote for The Wall Street Journal.