News October 28

Sanders: Here’s What I’ll Do After the Election “This is a historic and pivotal moment in American history,” Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote in The Boston Globe. “Now is the time for our next president to rally the American people against Wall Street and corporate greed and stand up vigorously for the declining middle class.”

AT&T-Time Warner Sanders laid out his disapproval of the merger between AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. in a feisty letter addressed to Acting Assistant Attorney General Renata B. Hesse on Wednesday. The deal has major consequences for democracy, Sanders said, since one company will now have control over a wide range of brands, The Huffington Post, The Street, Arab American News and Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic reported. A Judiciary Committee hearing on the merger has been set for Dec. 7, reported The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal.

Cabinet Blacklists Leading liberal lawmakers — including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sanders — have started conveying, privately and publicly, guidance on top Clinton appointees and legislative priorities, The Washington Post reported. The assembly of a Clinton administration would be the first major test of power for progressives since Sanders’s unsuccessful presidential run.

Wall Street’s Wake Up Call If Hillary Clinton is elected president, Warren will most likely shape the future of financial services in the U.S., CBS News reported. At a Colorado rally in mid-October, the appearance of both Warren and Sanders, whose grassroots movement brought national attention to Wall Street “greed,” underlined that message. 

Column: Why Bernie Sanders Matters “Bernie Sanders has been as big a mensch as any politician ever has been. He has been a far bigger mensch than a lot of his supporters on and off your social media feeds and in and out of the actual media itself,” Charles P. Pierce wrote for Esquire. “Sanders' formal party allegiance doesn't matter a damn. He is a man with a substantial public following who, in the main, supports everything that the progressive wing of the Democratic party stands for and then some.” 


Russian Role in Ukraine Uprising A group of Ukrainian hackers has released what it says are the emails of a senior Kremlin official that show a direct Russian role in creating and directing the rebel uprising in eastern Ukraine in 2014. The group claimed to have hacked the account of Vladislav Y. Surkov, for years President Vladimir V. Putin’s chief domestic political adviser and now the top official overseeing Russia’s Ukraine policy, The New York Times reported.


Dakota Access Fight Police in riot gear faced off with protesters on horseback as the months long protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline came to a head Thursday, CNN reported. At least 117 protesters were arrested after law enforcement Humvees and helicopters began to flood the area to break up a protester encampment near the pipeline's path. 


Health Board Agrees to All-Payer The Green Mountain Care Board voted Wednesday morning to sign an agreement with the federal government to set up an all-payer model for health care reform. The board cited more than 20 letters of support it received from major health care companies and hospitals, VTDigger reported.