News October 29

Dakota Access Pipeline Sanders called on President Barack Obama to intervene in the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline on Friday. In a letter, Sanders implored the president to reevaluate the environmental impact of the oil pipeline, The Bismarck Tribune, Los Angeles Times, ATTN and Portland Press Herald reported. Sanders called on President Barack Obama to send Department of Justice personnel to guarantee safety and First Amendment rights for protesters, The Associated Press and The Huffington Post reported.

What’s Next Sen. Sanders makes clear in a Boston Globe op-ed published Friday that he’s ready to go head to head with the next administration, the day after the election, if it ignores the progressive causes he holds dear — from taking on powerful special interests to appointing cabinet officials who will “fight for working people,” USA Today and TIME reported. 

Sanders, Warren Call Out KPMG Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders fired off a letter on Thursday to KPMG, calling the accounting firm out for failing to discover the widespread illegal behavior at Wells Fargo, CNN reported.

Biotech Stocks Down Political jitters have fueled a sell-off in biotechnology shares in recent weeks as investors weigh the growing prospects of a Democratic sweep. One biotech analyst contended a Democratic sweep would strengthen the hand of activist lawmakers such as senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, The Boston Globe reported.

Column: Corporate America on the Defensive “Let's be blunt. Corporate America is in delusional denial about how much the ground in Washington has shifted against it. The rise of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both inside the halls of Congress and throughout the country, is more than just a passing fad. Just ask Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf,” Jake Novak wrote for CNBC.


E.U. Trade Deal A group of dairy farmers in the Wallonia region single-handedly threatened to derail a landmark accord to deepen commerce between Canada and the European Union, which traded $69 billion in goods last year, The New York Times reported. 


Email Investigation Federal law enforcement officials said Friday that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony D. Weiner, The New York Times reported.

Column: Dakota is the New Keystone “The Native Americans who have spent the last months in peaceful protest against an oil pipeline along the banks of the Missouri are standing up for tribal rights. They’re also standing up for clean water, environmental justice and a working climate. And it’s time that everyone else joined in,” Bill McKibben wrote in The New York Times.


Debate on Public Speech A Republican legislative candidate’s tweet that Democratic President Barack Obama should be hanged and a school board member’s Facebook posts widely deemed racist and sexist are generating heated debate about what’s acceptable in public speech, The Associated Press reported.