News November 26

Senator Sanders

Local Food Systems Sen. Bernie Sanders hosted a conference Friday to discuss local food systems with author and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman. During the meeting Bittman said that operations such as the Intervale are "the way of the future and is a direction we all have to move in." The Burlington Free PressSeven Days, Fox44 and WCAX reported LINK LINK LINK LINK


Pakistan NATO helicopters opened fire on two Pakistani military checkpoints near the border with Afghanistan early Saturday, killing 26 soldiers, the Pakistani foreign ministry and military said Saturday in a statement. CBS reported. LINK


Medicare Support is building for plans to make changes to the Medicare system. Both Republicans and Democrats on the super committee proposed plans that would limit the government's open-ended financial commitment to the program. The New York Times reported. LINK


Supreme Court The Vermont Supreme court ruled that two State Police troopers can be sued in the death resulting from the troopers having entered the wrong home to check on the welfare of an elderly woman. The Associated Press reported. LINK

Eat More Kale Small business owner, Bo Muller-Moore of Montpelier is currently battling Chick-fil-A Co. over the rights to use his company's slogan "Eat More Kale". Chick-fil-A claims that the slogan is too similar to their "Eat More Chicken" slogan and are demanding Muller-Moore withdraw his trademark application. NECN reported. LINK