They call it 9/15. It's the financial version of 9/11. It was the day Lehman Brothers collapsed. President Obama went to Wall Street on Monday to talk about how the economy improved from a year ago and to call on Congress to pass stronger financial regulations. "You need to revisit this whole business of deregulation," Senator Bernie Sanders told Air America Radio host Ron Reagan, pointing to one of the root causes of the worst downturn in the economy since the Great Recession. Sanders also has called for a serious investigation into what caused the crisis and who is to blame. "Instead of earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year, some of these people need to find out what our penal system is all about," Sanders told nearly 8,000 progressives at Wisconsin's Fighting Bob Fest over the weekend. In his weekly Internet video, Sanders outlined proposals to restructure companies "too big to fail," reform the Federal Reserve, and cap credit card interest rates.

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