Bernie Buzz - October 4th

Issue Oct 4th, 2007 -


The largest increase in student aid in decades will provide $61 million more in grants and loans for Vermont students. A member of the education committee, Sanders championed a loan forgiveness program for graduates who stay in public service jobs for a decade. To read Sanders' interview in the St. Michael's College Defender, click here.


A health insurance program for more than 2,000 children in Vermont would be spared under legislation President Bush vetoed. "We hear a lot about family values. If taking care of our children is not a family value then I don't know what is," Sanders said. To watch, click here.


The Senate approved legislation cosponsored by Sanders to establish a commission to investigate U.S. wartime contracting abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan. "The evidence is clear that taxpayers are being ripped off for billions of dollars," Sanders said. To read more, click here.


When the Senate environment committee held a hearing on "green jobs," one of the witnesses was David Blittersdorf, founder of Hinesburg, Vt.-based wind energy companies. "The growing wind industry is becoming a larger source of domestic energy production while producing hundreds of thousands of new jobs," he testified. To watch the hearing, click here. To read more in the Burlington Free Press, click here.


The Senate approved $1 billion for bridge repair projects, including $7 million in Vermont. "This funding is a small step but an important one toward helping us resolve the crisis of our crumbling infrastructure," Sanders said. To read more, click here.


Vermont will receive $2.5 million to help thousands of senior citizens on fixed incomes and low-income Vermont families with children pay heating bills this winter, when record-high prices for heating oil are expected. To read more, click here.


While the Senate is in recess next week, Sanders will host town meetings around Vermont on global warming, jobs and other issues. For the time and location of town meetings near you, click here.

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