Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants Awards for Vermont Communities

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of both the Senate energy and environmental committee, created the Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants program in the U.S. Department of Energy by co-authoring a provision within the 2007 energy bill with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).  The Vermont Department of Public Service and the Clean Energy Development Fund reviewed applications and gave recommendations to the fund’s board.

The Clean Energy Development Fund will award $5.8 million in efficiency and conservation block grants for 147 energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy projects in cities, towns, villages and town school districts throughout the state.

Award Summary

Energy Efficiency Retrofits    $4,055,468.90
Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency    $121,200.00
Renewable Energy Technologies on Govt. Buildings    $138,416.00
Traffic Signals and Street Lighting    $1,514,596.81
Implementation of Transportation Projects    $13,356.00
Total    $5,843,037.71

There was a maximum grant award of $50,000 for Energy Efficiency Retrofits, $250,000 for Financial Incentive Programs for Energy Efficiency, $25,000 for Transportation Projects, $75,000 for Renewable Energy Technologies, and $50,000 for Traffic Signals and Street Lighting.

The following projects were selected for grant awards:

Energy Efficiency Retrofits    Award ($)

Bellows Free Academy Fairfax    $50,000.00
Bingham Memorial School     $50,000.00
Bridport Central School    $45,675.00
Bristol Elem School    $50,000.00
Calais Elementary School    $49,199.99
Charlotte School District    $50,000.00
City of Barre    $50,000.00
City of Montpelier*    $50,000.00
City of Winooski    $25,000.00
Craftsbury Schools    $45,000.00
Currier Memorial School    $47,660.55
Dover School District    $12,950.00
East Montpelier Elem School    $50,000.00
Eden Central School District    $39,237.35
Flood Brook Union School    $50,000.00
Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School    $48,000.00
Green Mountain Union High School    $50,000.00
Harwood Union High School     $47,302.50
Highgate Elementary School    $44,668.38
Irasburg Village School    $49,743.00
JFK Middle School/Winooski School District    $50,000.00
Johnson Town School District    $45,820.08
Leicester Central School    $50,000.00
Lincoln Elem School    $35,429.00
Lowell Graded School    $21,600.00
Marlboro School District    $45,000.00
Middlebury Union Middle School    $50,000.00
Middletown Springs Elementary School    $50,000.00
Monkton Elem School    $50,000.00
Mt Abraham Union High School    $50,000.00
Mt Mansfield School District    $50,000.00
Mt. Anthony Union High School District    $50,000.00
New Haven (Beeman) Elem School    $46,553.00
Newfane School District    $50,000.00
Orange Center School    $50,000.00
Orleans Elementary School    $50,000.00
Pittsford School District    $31,561.75
Randolph Union High School    $50,000.00
Royalton School District    $45,000.00
Shoreham Elementary School    $32,175.00
Shrewsbury Mountain School    $50,000.00
South Burlington School District    $50,000.00
Starksboro (Robinson) Elem School    $49,785.00
Strafford School District    $50,000.00
Town of Bakersfield    $40,316.00
Town of Belvidere School District      $8,481.00
Town of Brighton    $50,000.00
Town of Burke    $11,063.85
Town of Cavendish    $50,000.00
Town of Charlotte    $25,546.50
Town of Chelsea    $47,451.00
Town of Chittenden    $21,665.00
Town of Corinth    $50,000.00
Town of Fayston    $18,282.00
Town of Georgia    $44,298.00
Town of Granville    $48,930.00
Town of Highgate    $42,779.00
Town of Huntington    $50,000.00
Town of Hyde Park School District    $41,088.00
Town of Isle La Motte    $17,600.00
Town of Jericho    $49,999.00
Town of Lincoln     $50,000.00
Town of Mendon    $43,678.00
Town of Middlebury    $43,380.00
Town of Peacham    $22,422.00
Town of Plainfield*    $34,500.00
Town of Randolph    $50,000.00
Town of Richmond    $13,284.00
Town of Shaftsbury    $46,924.00
Town of Sharon    $49,500.00
Town of Shoreham    $50,000.00
Town of St. Johnsbury    $40,250.00
Town of Starksboro    $26,555.00
Town of Strafford    $18,686.00
Town of Tinmouth    $32,053.00
Town of Townshend    $45,000.00
Town of Waitsfield     $49,999.00
Town of Warren    $50,000.00
Town of Waterville    $40,993.00
Town of Westford    $12,200.00
Town of Williamstown    $45,832.50
Town of Wilmington    $50,000.00
Town of Winhall    $44,055.00
Troy School     $50,000.00
U-32 School    $50,000.00
Underhill Central Elementary School    $50,000.00
Village of Bellows Falls      $9,000.00
Village of Swanton    $49,590.00
Waitsfield Elementary School    $49,000.00
Wardsboro Central School    $50,000.00
Warren Elementary School    $17,208.45
Washington Village School    $50,000.00
Waterville School District    $21,394.00
West Rutland School    $50,000.00
Whiting Village School    $17,905.00
Williamstown Elementary School    $37,500.00
Woodbury Town School District    $29,000.00
Woodstock Elementary School    $40,700.00
 Sub-Total: Energy Efficiency Retrofits        $4,055,468.90

Financial Incentive Programs    Award ($)

Town of Middlesex    $13,900.00
Town of Putney    $72,000.00
Town of Thetford    $21,600.00
Town of Waitsfield    $13,700.00
 Sub-Total: Financial Incentive Programs        $121,200.00

Renewable Energy Technologies     Award ($)
Sutton School District    $42,000.00
Town of East Montpelier    $38,700.00
Town of Fayston    $57,716.00
 Sub-Total: Renewable Energy Technologies        $138,416.00

Street Lighting and Exterior Lights     Award ($)

Barre Elementary/Middle School    $41,139.00
Bellows Free Academy Fairfax    $40,105.80
Camels Hump Middle School*    $50,000.00
City of St. Albans    $50,000.00
City of Winooski    $50,000.00
Colchester School District    $50,000.00
East Haven School District    $10,000.00
Folsom Educational and Community Center    $46,925.00
Georgia Elementary and Middle School    $49,421.40
Highgate Elementary School    $36,958.50
Jericho Elementary School    $43,020.00
Lamoille Union School District # 18    $47,107.11
Lyndon Town School District    $50,000.00
Milton Town School District    $45,747.00
Missisquoi Valley Union HS    $50,000.00
Morrisville Water & Light    $38,307.00
Mt Abraham Union HS    $19,221.00
Mt. Anthony Union High School District    $30,332.00
Newark School District    $10,914.00
Orleans Elementary School    $12,433.00
Pittsford School District    $24,905.00
Smilie Memorial School    $39,420.00
South Burlington School District    $50,000.00
Springfield School District    $50,000.00
St. Albans Town Educational Center    $50,000.00
Starksboro (Robinson)  Elementary School    $12,717.00
Sutton School District    $10,000.00
Swanton School    $50,000.00
Town of East Montpelier    $28,386.00
Town of Georgia    $18,122.00
Town of Killington    $15,480.00
Town of Shelburne    $50,000.00
Town of Strafford    $18,860.00
Town of Thetford    $23,282.00
Town of Waterbury    $49,725.00
U-32 School    $50,000.00
Underhill Central Elementary School    $45,540.00
Underhill ID Elementary School    $44,280.00
Unified School District 37-Millers Run    $17,010.00
Village of Johnson    $49,950.00
Village of Swanton*    $45,289.00
 Sub-Total: Street Lighting and Exterior Lights        $1,514,596.81

Implementation of Transportation Programs     Award ($)

Otter Valley Union HS    $13,356.00
 Sub-Total: Transportation Programs        $13,356.00

TOTAL Funding:        $5,843,037.71

NOTE: Awards marked with an asterisk (*) are provisional and subject to final changes.