National Priorities Fact Sheet

Objective: Expand the middle class, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, keep our promises to veterans and lower the poverty rate by repealing the Bush tax breaks for the top one percent and eliminating unnecessary Cold War era defense spending in 2008.

Revenue Raised in 2008:

1. Repealing all of Bush 2001 and 2003 tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent in 2008 would raise $70 billion in 2008.

2. Eliminating wasteful defense spending to raise $60 billion in 2008.

Investments in 2008:

Health Care

1. Provide primary health care services for over four million Americans by increasing investments in Community Health Centers and the National Health Service Corps. (Cost: $625 million)

2. Expand access to dental care by providing $140 million for the workforce, capital and equipment needed to establish or expand oral health services at community health centers (and other community-based sites) across the country.

3. Provide health insurance to nine million children who aren't covered by expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program. (Cost: $15 billion).


4. Make sure that all veterans receive the health care and other benefits they were promised without being put on a waiting list. (Cost $4 billion)

Child Care/Head Start

5. Ensure that working families with children have access to affordable child care by increasing investments in the Child Care Development Block Grant. (Cost $2.2 billion over five years).

6. Allow every qualified child to receive early education, nutrition and health services by fully funding Head Start. (Cost: $7.2 billion)


7. Lower property taxes by keeping the federal commitment to provide 40% of the cost of special education costs for about 7 million children with disabilities. (Cost: $14.9 billion)

8. Provide an additional 330,000 students with Pell Grants and increase its purchasing power for over 5.4 million other students by doubling the maximum Pell Grant to $8,100. (Cost: $16.2 billion)

9. Instill low-income high school students with the skills and opportunity they need to go to college by increasing the TRIO and GEAR-Up education programs by 50%. (Cost: $500 million)

Infrastructure/Renewable Energy/Affordable Housing/Public Transit

10. Create more than 200,000 jobs by increasing investments in renewable energy, energy efficient appliances, public transit, and high-speed rail. (Cost: $27.085 billion)

11. Create 180,000 jobs by constructing, preserving and rehabilitating at least 150,000 affordable housing rental units. (Cost: $5 billion)

Tax Relief for Working Families

12. Reduce taxes between $400 to $1,134 per year for 10 million American workers and families with children by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. (Cost: $7.2 billion)

Deficit Reduction

13. Reduce the deficit by $30 billion.

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