Release: Economic Recovery Bill on the Way to President Obama

WASHINGTON, February 13 –The Senate was expected to vote later today to send President Barack Obama a $790 billion economic stimulus package that the White House says will create or save some 3.5 million jobs.

“This jolt to the economy will help us recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” Sanders said. “The stimulus will go a long way in Vermont and throughout the country to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, move us to energy independence and sustainable energy, protect working families hurt by this recession and, most importantly, create millions of good-paying jobs. It is not everything that I wanted, but it is a significant step forward in moving America in a dramatic new direction.”

The bill includes $507 billion in spending programs and $282 billion in tax relief, including credits of up to $400 for individuals and $800 for middle-class families. It will also provide a one-time payment of $250 to recipients of Social Security and government disability support.

The measure sets aside funds for cash-strapped states and local governments to help pay for road and bridge repairs. It also provides support for child care, Head Start and other social service programs that have experienced major drains on resources throughout the more than one-year-old recession. In addition, the nation’s schools would receive $106 billion.

In addition, the stimulus bill contains other provisions Sanders championed. 

It sets aside $2.5 billion for community health centers and for programs to train health care providers. 

Another $11.8 billion is designated to train workers for green jobs, help pay for weatherization of homes and businesses and to encourage development of alternative, sustainable sources of energy.