Release: Support for Rutland County Senior Centers and Energy Efficiency Projects

RUTLAND CITY, Vt., April 8 – Senator Bernie Sanders today meet with Rutland County officials to discuss the appropriation of almost $700,000 in federal funds for energy efficiency projects in communities throughout the county.  In addition, the senator announced over $60,000 in federal funding for six area senior centers.

The energy efficiency funding comes from the federal stimulus program and is being distributed through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program that was created by legislation Sanders authored. 

"I helped write this block grant program because I believe that it is absolutely imperative that we involve citizens at the grassroots level in this effort,” Sanders said. “We want and need the thinking of people at the local level as to how they can move their cities and towns forward in this area because they know the needs of their towns, schools and public buildings better than anyone else – and this program gives them the flexibility to prioritize how these federal funds should be spent.”

The following Rutland County projects will receive $696,959.30 in funding for energy efficiency and conservation projects including:

  • City of Rutland - $78,900 to install a new, more efficient turbo blower at their wastewater treatment facility
  • Rutland Regional Planning Commission - $189,700 to fund efficiency audits in each of the 27 towns they serve.
  • Danby’s Currier Memorial School - $47,660.55 to replace windows
  • Middletown Springs Elementary School - $50,000 to weatherize the facility with improved insulation.
  • Pittsford’s Lothrop Elementary School - $31,561.75 to purchase high-efficiency lighting equipment and $24,905 to purchase an efficient dishwasher and lighting.
  • hrewsbury Mountain School  - $50,000 to increase efficiency of heating system and improve attic insulation.
  • Town of Chittenden - $21,665 to install insulation in the renovated old Grange Hall built in 1833.
  • Chittenden’s Frederic Duclos Barstow Memorial School - $48,000 to upgrade light fixtures, replace a cooler in the kitchen, and install new insulation.
  • Town of Mendon - $43,678 to replace propane heaters, improve insulation and improve efficiency of garage lighting
  • Town of Tinmouth - $32,053 to make efficiency improvements to the public school, town office, church and town garage.
  • West Rutland School - $50,000 to replace lighting for en estimating saving of $8,800 per year.
  • Town of Killington - $15,480 to purchase and install efficient traffic signals and streetlights for a saving of over $1,000 per year.
  • Otter Valley Union High School - $13,356 for software which helps plan bus routes to optimize efficiency of vehicle use.