Sanders Calls for $1 Trillion Investment in Vermont and Nation's Infrastructure

WASHINGTON, March 7 ­– Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday to announce a $1 trillion proposal to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and create 15 million middle-class jobs.

The announcement of the Democratic proposal follows the unveiling of President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan, which would encourage states to sell our nation’s highways, bridges and other vital infrastructure to Wall Street, wealthy campaign contributors and foreign governments.

“Unfortunately, the Trump plan,” Sanders said, “is a sham. It is a fraud.”

“The fact of the matter is that the American people understand, whether they are Republican, Democrat, progressive or conservative, that in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world – where we used to lead the world in our infrastructure – we are now falling further and further behind many other countries. Now is the time to rebuild America. Now is the time to create 10 to 15 million decent-paying jobs. Now is the time to restore pride in rural America that has desperate needs, in urban America that has desperate needs.”

In his remarks, Sanders highlighted Vermont’s infrastructure needs.

“In my home state of Vermont, we need $700 million a year through 2018 just to get our roads to a state of good repair,” he said. “Thirty percent of our bridges are obsolete or structurally deficient. Our small community drinking water systems need $510 million over the next 20 years. And our wastewater and storm water facilities need an additional $156 million in needed repairs and upgrades.”

To download Sanders’ remarks, click here.