Sanders Statement on Trump's Promotion of Anti-Muslim Videos

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement Wednesday:

"I do not make it a habit to respond to every ugly or absurd tweet from President Trump. If I did that, I’d have little time for anything else. But even for Trump, today's retweet of a series of offensive videos from a British right-wing, anti-Muslim fringe group reaches a new low. The goal of these videos is clear: to promote fear and hatred of Muslims, and to incite hostility toward a minority group. I know that Trump is not much into history or the U.S. Constitution, but he ought to know that millions of men and women have struggled, fought and died to defend our democracy and the religious freedom that our Constitution guarantees.

"This Friday I will be visiting Louisville, Kentucky, the city where Muhammad Ali, one of the most popular athletes of the 20th Century, who also happened to be an American Muslim, was born and raised. While there I plan on visiting the Muhammad Ali Center, a museum that focuses not only on Ali’s career as a boxer and athlete, but also on his legacy as an activist and spokesman for the Muslim faith."