Sanders: Vermont Yankee Should Pay for Its Mistakes

WASHINGTON, July 18 - Senator Bernie Sanders today urged state regulators to make Vermont Yankee's owner pay for power that had to be purchased when the problem-plagued nuclear reactor's generating capacity was cut sharply after a cooling tower incident one week ago.

Entergy Corp., the plant owner and operator, reduced output by up to 75 percent as a result of a July 11 cooling tower leak. In a letter to the Vermont Public Service Board, Sanders said Vermont ratepayers should not have to shoulder the cost of more expensive replacement power that had to be purchased because of Entergy's negligence.

"The failure that occurred was one of Entergy's own making when it made shoddy repairs to its facility," the senator said. "At a time when Vermont consumers are experiencing higher and higher energy costs in general, it would be an insult to those consumers if they were held responsible for someone else's incompetence."

For a copy of the senator's letter to the Public Service Board, click here.