Sanders Votes Against Continuing Resolution

WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement Thursday after voting against a temporary spending bill:

"I voted no on the continuing resolution because it is unconscionable for Congress to go home for the holidays while leaving major crises unresolved. There are 800,000 Dreamers in this country who are on the verge of losing their legal status and who could soon be subject to deportation if we do not act. For three months, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the community health center program have not been reauthorized or fully funded. Millions of children and families are wondering whether they will be able to continue to receive health care. Over 1.5 million older workers and retirees will soon see the pensions they were promised cut by up to 60 percent if Congress does not do its job.

"It would simply be wrong to pass another continuing resolution. These problems must be addressed, and they must be addressed now."