Statement of Senator Bernie Sanders on Iraq and Syria

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today on the United States’ role in response to the Islamic State terrorist organization:

“The situation in the Middle East is complex, volatile and fraught with danger.  ISIS is a fanatical and brutal organization which is a danger to the region and the world.  This, clearly, is not just an American problem. I applaud President Obama for bringing the international community together to develop a joint political and military strategy to defeat ISIS.  

“I believe that Congress must become increasingly engaged in the Iraq-Syria crisis.  It is my understanding that the president does have the executive power to launch air strikes.  He does not have the power to send combat troops into harm’s way without congressional authorization.  

“As someone who voted against the military action in Iraq in the first place, I continue to be very strongly opposed to sending combat troops back into Iraq or to Syria.”