Statement: Sanders on Medicare Prescription Drug Rebates

WASHINGTON, June 14 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today after Vermont Gov. James Douglas dropped a plan for the state to try to collect $250 federal rebate checks for prescription drug expenses for some Medicare beneficiaries:

“I am glad the state has reconsidered its decision. This action impacts some of the most vulnerable people in Vermont – those who are old, sick and poor.  The federal legislation was designed to help these people. It would be extremely unfair and confusing to them to have to return their $250 checks to the state.

“Furthermore, the state of Vermont has received hundreds of millions of federal economic stimulus dollars to help us through this very difficult economic time.  In the future, as a result of the national health care law, Vermont will receive tens of millions of dollars every year for its ambitious Medicaid program.”