Vermont Workers

A U.S. Labor Department ruling will result in more than $1.5 million in back wages for 272 federal contract workers in Vermont.  Following an investigation, the Labor Department Wage and Hour Division cited the company for misclassifying employees and failing to pay them the proper prevailing wage rates for the type of work they were actually performing.  Sen. Bernie Sanders first raised concern about the underpayments in 2007, when he asked the Labor Department to investigate potential violations of the law at the Vermont Service Center. Earlier this year, Sanders met with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and urged her to complete the investigations as soon as possible.  “While it took far too long for this day to come, I am pleased that the Labor Department has made this announcement and that workers will start to receive the back pay that they deserve," Sen. Sanders said.  "As important as today's victory is, this matter is still not over. I remain convinced that other contractors have illegally underpaid workers at the Vermont Service Center. I will do everything I can to actively pursue a fair resolution so all workers get what they are owed.”

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