Car of the Future

Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to promote the goal of having 1 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the roads by the end of the next decade. The bill would give the Department of Transportation the resources to work with Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to develop plans for deploying recharging stations along roads and highways by 2020.

The measure also would provide funding for pilot projects to demonstrate different types of recharging stations.

A large-scale switch to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, coupled with a move toward more renewable energy on the electric grid, could dramatically reduce dependence on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To read the bill, click here.

Do you think the federal government should develop electric car technology?  Those who took our survey that was posted a few days ago sure think so, by a remarkable 25-to-one ratio. To take the survey on energy and other issues, click here.