Hang Tough

As the Senate Finance Committee approved legislation to reshape parts of the American health care system, Senator Bernie Sanders called it a “weak bill” and urged supporters of major reform to “hang tough” and fight for a strong public option to provide comprehensive and affordable coverage for all Americans. “It’s not just passing something, it’s passing something that’s meaningful,” Sanders said. “This cannot be a sellout to the private insurance companies.”  The Senate health committee, on which Sanders sits, passed its own version of a health insurance reform package in July.  The two bills will be merged and brought to the Senate floor.

Sanders continued, “Let’s be clear, the Finance Committee health care bill is extremely weak.  It does not include a public option, which the American people overwhelmingly want. It does not make health care as affordable as it must be. It taxes health care benefits that workers fought long and hard for.  As the bill moves forward, we can do much better.”