Not Another Quagmire

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday  questioned  provisions in the latest version of a Senate resolution authorizing military action against Syria that could lay the foundation for broad-scale U.S. military involvement in overthrowing the regime of Bashar Assad. “I don’t sense that the American people have much appetite to get involved in what could be a real quagmire,” the senator told Thom Hartmann. Sanders spoke of the horrors of chemical warfare and  the ruthless nature of the Assad regime, but questioned language added to a Senate resolution to give President Obama authority to “change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria.” Sanders said that push by Sen. John McCain and others for regime change is one of his "serious reservations" about authorizing military action against Syria. “If that policy prevails, there is no question that it could cost tens of billions of dollars and the possible future involvement of American troops,” Sanders said.