Obama Puts Stamp on Supreme Court

President Obama announced on Monday that Solicitor General Elena Kagan is his choice to succeed Justice John Paul Stevens, who is retiring after 35 years on the Supreme Court. “On the surface and based on her record as solicitor general, it appears that she would bring a great deal of knowledge and real-world experience to the Supreme Court.  In the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting her and learning more about her record and views,” Senator Bernie Sanders said.

“At a time of growing corporate power in America, I am interested in how she sees the Constitution protecting the interests of ordinary American workers and consumers against the abuses of large and powerful corporations,” Sanders added.

Many justices in American history were not judges earlier in their careers, but Kagan would be the first in nearly four decades. “I understand there has been concern that she never has been a judge.  I can only say that if the Citizens United ruling, which allowed corporate cash to dominate American elections, is what results from a court made up of people who wore robes most of their lives, then Elena Kagan’s experience outside courtrooms should not be held against her,” Sanders said. Like President Obama and others, Sanders has criticized the court’s decision to invalidate restrictions on corporate spending in elections.

“As her nomination goes forward, I also am interested in her views on privacy rights and individual liberties. In an era of international tension, the court plays a critical role in how we preserve our civil liberties and constitutional rights while we defend our nation against those who would do us harm.”