Sanders: TPP Must Be Defeated

On MSNBC's The Ed Show today, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has led the fight against the Pacific trade deal President Barack Obama is pushing,  explained what is at stake for the American middle class if the legislation passes.

"There is a reason why virtually every corporation in America, the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street, want this to be passed, and there is a reason, as you just mentioned, why every union, many environmental groups, and religious groups are against it. Because anyone who looks at history understands that our trade policies from NAFTA, CAFTA, to China, have been a disaster for the American workers. Since 2001, we have lost almost 60,000 factories. Not all of it is attributeable to trade, but a lot of it is. Millions of decent paying jobs. Our demand now must be to corporate America and say to them, "You want us to buy your products? The time is long overdue for you to stop outsourcing. Let's create and manufacture those products here in the United States. That's what this is about," Sanders said.